Because we understand the damaging effects of vertebral subluxations to human health and development, it is the policy of our office that all children of patients get checked for subluxations. Subluxations are, misalignments in the spine that can occur at any age, even as young as during the birthing process. We will screen them with our cutting edge Insight technology. If they look fine we will report the good news. If they have disturbances to their nervous system, we will make recommendations. Kids, because they are developing, especially benefit from chiropractic care.


Why chiropractic and massage therapy is important for kids?
By receiving Chiropractic care from birth, a person’s spine can remain stress free for their entire life, helping keep their immune system functioning stronger, and maintaining proper posture.This is a crucial time to have a child’s spine checked for subluxations to improve their function in sports, in school and for their overall health.

How does chiropractic for kids work?
Chiropractic care for our children is very similar to our care for our adults. Our assessments include using our computerized diagnostic technology to assess your child’s nervous system. Our Chiropractic techniques are very gentle on our little patients and we ensure that they feel no pain. In fact, our newborns can actually sleep through their adjustments.