What are Flat Feet?

  • Also known as pes planus, is a foot type where the longitudinal arch in the foot has not developed
  • May be inherited or caused by an injury or underlying condition, including but not limited to, rheumatoid arthritis, stroke, or diabetes
  • Many people with flat feet do not experience pain or other symptoms, however, when pain in the foot, ankle, lower leg, knees, or lower back occur, the feet should be evaluated
  • Non-invasive treatment options may range from stretching, use or custom foot orthoses, or footwear recommendations

What are the benefits of going to see a foot specialist?

There are several benefits to paying a visit to a chiropodist, also known as a foot specialist. Pain relief tends to be the biggest benefit for those suffering from issues such as heel spurs and plantar fasciitis. Chiropodists can also prescribe your custom orthotics that will help manage foot deformities, such as bunions. Custom orthotics can also improve posture and help patients hold their chiropractic adjustments longer. There are other symptoms like nail fungus, ingrown nails and many others. A licensed and knowledgeable chiropodist can help you get relief from several aches and pain. When it comes to your foot health and associated foot care, trust your feet in the hands of a friendly professional.

To summarize some of the benefits:

  • Relieve Your Pain
  • Improve foot deformities
  • Improved posture
  • and many more....